Surgery & Care

Remove Food & Water

Please remove food and water by 10pm the night before the surgery.  It is important that your pet have an empty stomach the morning of the surgery, as anesthesia can cause vomiting.  We would like to have your pet here at the clinic between 7:30am and 8:00am the morning of the surgery.  We ask that you allow yourself 10-15 minutes to go over the surgical paperwork.  A technician will go over the paperwork and explain the procedure to you at that time and have you sign some surgical release papers.

Pre-surgical Bloodwork

It is highly recommended that ALL patients undergoing surgery and anesthesia have pre-surgical blood work performed.  This is to ensure that the organs (kidneys and liver) are functioning properly to allow your pet to go under and wake up safely from the anesthesia.  This blood work is REQUIRED for animals 3 years of age and older.

What Happens After Surgery?

We will contact you by phone when your pet’s surgery is complete.  Your pet will be somewhat groggy after the surgery, but will be awake by the time you pick your pet up.  Spay and neuter patients are able to go home the same day after 4:00pm.  All orthopedic patients will spend the night and will be released after 10:00am the following day.  After the surgery, all patients are checked and offered breakfast.  We will contact you first thing in the morning if a complication should occur.  You will receive a complete set of instructions on how to care for your pet when you take them home.

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