Daycare Form

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  • * Fleas/Parasite policy : Your pet must be current on approved heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives while staying in our facility. If your pet is not current, we will perform necessary tests to prescribe appropriate preventatives/medications. This is necessary to prevent the spread of fleas, ticks and worms in our hospital. * Toys and Bedding will be labeled with a permanent marker for identification. We will not be responsible for items left with your pet.
  • *If your pet is not picked up by close of business, you will be charged full boarding rates. *Vintage Heights Veterinary Hospital screens dogs for temperament, watches the dogs carefully, and does not take seemingly aggressive dogs out with other dogs. Pet daycare can be hazardous due to unfamiliar dogs playing together. It is important that you are aware and understand that there are risks involved with group play, including but not limited to injuries. Does your pet play well off leash with other dogs?