Before & After : Great Pyrenees

Grooming Services

VHVH is a full service facility, including grooming!

We offer "bath & brush" including a nail trim, external anal gland expression and ear cleaning.  Our FULL grooming services also include the "bath & brush", nail trim, anal gland expressions, ear cleaning plus the hair cut/style that you request.

We also offer additional options such as nail dremmel to help get the nails shorter and smoother.  Teeth brushing is available to help freshen their breath.  We provide the best shampoo option for your pet's skin and coat.  Dry skin, or oily coat, our groomer knows what's best for your pet!  Grooming spots fill up quickly so we recommend to call a few weeks ahead of time.  We are also happy to schedule in advance if your pet comes in often!

Prices vary depending on the size and breed so please ask for a free consultation with Millie if you're interested in setting up an appointment!

**Because we are a hospital, we do require that your pet is current on all of the required vaccinations prior to grooming, not only for the safety of your pet but the safety of others as well.  Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations are required for dogs.  Feline distemper and rabies are required for cats.**