Erika Madison - Certified Trainer




About Erika

Hi there! I’m Erika and I have three children, two dogs, two Russian torts, two crested geckos, a bearded dragon, two fish tanks and a wonderful husband who supports all of us!

I grew up in a small town and was always surrounded by dogs. However, I never understood the value of a good diet and training until I started working at Petco 9 years ago. My true passion for all species of creatures began.

Five years ago, I became an animal manager and I LOVED it! I met so many different breeds of dogs! About two years ago, I pursued my passion and became a certified dog trainer.

Training stood out to me for many reasons, however the most exciting part for me is being able to connect new and longtime pet parents to their dogs-a forever bond. It truly saves lives!

I have had the opportunity to save lives of dogs set to be euthanized due to behavior but most concerns were broken down to fear. I taught owners consistency and routines. Together, we made happy dogs and happy owners!

I have joined Vintage Heights to expand my love of animals and continue my training. Needless to say, I have found my true calling in my work life and I enjoy every day of it!